The firm is exclusively owned by one entrepreneur, Mr. Shabbir siddique. It is Mr. Siddique's belief that through his hard work and enthusiasm he can make the firm reach highest levels of success. Premier Progressive Limited will have the core function of helping the clients by providing business consultancy. The firm will be associated with different types of businesses and make an effort to contribute to those businesses.

Premier Progressive Limited will work with both established and start-up businesses in the market. The services that will be provided by Premier Progressive Limited should be able to help both of these types of businesses. The growth and development of the client's businesses is the priority aim of Premier Progressive Limited. The services of Premier Progressive Limited will include Business Consultancy, Business Development Consultancy, Business Operations Consultancy and Business Strategic Planning.

We open from Monday to Friday (09:30Am to 6:00Pm) and Saturday (11:00AM to 04:30Pm)